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Helpful Articles

Jan 2

Traditional vs Personalised Funeral Services: Understanding the Difference with Parkview Funerals

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Traditional vs Personalised Funeral Services: Understanding the Difference with Parkview Funerals

Funerals are deeply personal events that honour the life of a deceased loved one. Today, families have the option of choosing between traditional and personalised funeral services. Parkview Funerals, with its commitment to providing meaningful funeral experiences, explains the key differences between these two types of services, helping families make informed decisions that best honour their loved ones.

Traditional Funeral Services

Traditional funerals are characterised by their structured format and adherence to specific rituals, often influenced by cultural, religious, or family traditions. Key elements of traditional funerals include:

  1. Formal Ceremony: Traditional funerals usually follow a set order of service, including readings, eulogies, hymns, and prayers.
  2. Classic Elements: These services often feature conservative decor, attire, and a formal procession.
  3. Religious or Cultural Rituals: Traditional funerals typically incorporate specific religious or cultural practices, reflecting the beliefs and values of the deceased.

Personalised Funeral Services

In contrast, personalised funerals focus on creating a unique service that reflects the individuality of the deceased. These services allow greater flexibility and creativity in planning. Features of personalised funerals include:

  1. Customisation: Every aspect, from the service location to music, readings, and themes, can be tailored to reflect the life and personality of the deceased.
  2. Reflecting Individual Interests: These services often include elements significant to the deceased, such as their favourite music, hobbies, or a personalised decor theme.
  3. Flexible Format: Personalised funerals are not bound by traditional structures, offering the freedom to create a service that is truly reflective of the individual.

Choosing the Right Type of Service with Parkview Funerals

The choice between a traditional and personalised funeral service depends on various factors:

  • The Deceased’s Wishes: Consider any specific instructions or preferences left by the deceased.
  • Family Preferences: The family’s comfort and wishes are crucial in deciding the type of service.
  • Cultural and Religious Considerations: The cultural and religious background of the deceased and their family can influence the choice of service.

Parkview Funerals: Offering Compassionate Guidance

Parkview Funerals is experienced in arranging both traditional and personalised funerals. Our team offers expert guidance, ensuring that each service is a respectful and fitting tribute to the deceased’s life.


Whether opting for a traditional or a personalised funeral service, the most important aspect is that it respectfully honours the life and memory of your loved one. Parkview Funerals is committed to assisting families in making these choices, providing services that reflect the uniqueness of each individual. For more information on our funeral services, visit Parkview Funerals. Our dedicated team is here to guide you through this important decision-making process with compassion and expertise.