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Pre Planning

Pre Planning

Funeral Pre Planning With Parkview Funerals


Funeral Pre-Arranging:

At Parkview Funerals, we specialise in helping families navigate the process of funeral pre-arrangements. We understand the importance of providing peace of mind to our clients, and that’s why we offer a compassionate and comprehensive service to facilitate these arrangements. We securely keep these pre-arranged plans on file, providing an invaluable service to our client families. 


Payment for these services is not required until the time of death, giving families the flexibility they need during this difficult period. The process also provides a multitude of options, ensuring that the funeral services align with individual preferences and values.


This method of pre-arrangement allows families to document necessary information in advance, helping to alleviate some of the pressures associated with planning a funeral after a death has occurred. With our assistance, families can be better prepared for the inevitable, and focus on honoring their loved ones when the time comes.

Funeral Pre-Planning Bonds:

At Parkview Funerals, we believe in offering our clients a full suite of options to cater to their specific needs and circumstances. One of the financial avenues we recommend for pre-planning funerals is through the procurement of a Funeral Bond or, if you prefer, Funeral Insurance. These are secure ways to ensure the costs associated with a funeral, whether it’s several years or many years in the future, are covered.

We take the time to tailor the terms of these agreements to align with each individual’s unique needs and preferences. We entrust our Funeral Bonds with reliable and established providers such as SurePlan and Foresters, ensuring that your investment is secure and will meet your requirements when needed. For more detailed information and to explore the option that best suits your needs, we recommend visiting SurePlan and Forester’s websites. Pre-planning with a Funeral Bond or Insurance provides peace of mind, knowing your wishes will be carried out without financial burden to your loved ones.


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